NuancesĀ is a series focused on the materiality and subtlety of its subject. Drawing on architectural tropes, the work explores, through the use of light, in combination with the modest intervention of a fold, how the everyday object of a sheet of paper, can evolve into something sculptural, almost indistinguishable from its origins. Working in studio with a large format camera, using direct positive paper as an alternative to film, the work explores the subtleties and ephemeral nature of what is constructed in front of the lens. Each 4" x 5" piece that is created is a tactile object that has been methodically produced as a one-off piece, a contrasting response to the reproductive nature of photography. Paper was chosen as the medium due to its materiality, and some large format film was used to create large scale images that engulf the viewer. Material and tactility are central to this work. Using direct positive paper allows for the images to become one-off pieces, this combined with the large format analogue process make this work a counter to the reproducible nature of digital photography that is common in today's world. The objects have been photographed rather than scanned, this is to try to convey the unique curves and ripples that have formed in the fibre based paper from its processing. If the images were scanned; this sense of dimension would have been lost, and it forms an essential part of the viewing experience of the images.

Walkthrough of a virtual installation of Nuances

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